Taycan & GT3 Workshop

Taycan & GT3 Workshop
July 24, 2022

Porsche Marin had the honor to host a workshop for the Porsche Taycan and GT3 models. Porsche Marin General Manager, Ren Briones, and PCNA Area West Trainer, Brandon Watson, took the lead on the main presentation, offering up tips and tricks for each model.

Service Manager, Fernando Oliveira, and Porsche Gold Technician, Nick Sanfilipo led a tour of the service department to show how Porsche are cared for and maintained, and touched on Porsche Timepiece and Porsche eBike availability and ordering.

Michael Sanchez, Regional Manager of PCNA Region 11, and Cindy Ogawa, Aftersales Manager of Area West, finished the tour with a family event for guests and their children.

Porsche prides itself on being a family of care, quality, and constant feedback. This event reinforced that idea and solidified the foundation we drive on daily.

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