Porsche Marin 918 Wine Country Rally

Porsche Marin 918 Wine Country Rally
Porsche Marin 918 Wine Country Rally

Test Drive Activation and Wine Country Rally Marin to Napa, CA
September 18, 2022

In honor of the exciting Porsche 918 Spyder, on 9/18 Porsche Marin hosted a Test Drive Activation event for around 200 attendees.

Starting at Porsche Marin around 120 drivers in groups of 8-10 rallied along Napa and the scenic Silverado Trail to the exclusive Cervantes Family Winery. A street card was distributed amongst guests with Google Maps QR code and details of the event.

The exhilarating drive started around 9:00am and most of our drivers arrived at the winery around 11:30am. There we offered test drive opportunities of various Porsches from our Porsche Drive program and a couple Certified Pre-owned Porsches.

A total of 37 test drives were executed between 12:00pm – 1:30pm. Lunch was catered by Big Jim’s Barbeque, a local chef, followed by delicious wine tastings of the estate grown red wine by the Cervantes Family Winery. We also set up a Porsche Lifestyle and Tequipment retail corner offering guests an opportunity to add to their Porsche accessories collection.

Though we were challenged with intermittent rain during the drive and at the winery, we were well prepared. All the attendees left with huge smiles and raving reviews. Everyone received a gift of a Porsche wine glass, Sports Car Together Fest pin and Porsche Drive pamphlet.

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